Trussway products are made-to-order, to your specifications, and delivered when you need them. Our industry-leading sales, design, engineering and manufacturing teams work in tandem with you from beginning to end to help ensure your buildings perform optimally to maximize occupancy rates, lower maintenance costs and improve occupant comfort. There are no designs too complex for our teams.

a woman sawing lumber in a factory

Roof Trusses


Roof Trusses are the smart alternative to stick framing. Trussway roof trusses are capable of handling long clear spans, reducing the need for intermediate supports and allowing for more open floor plans. Our roof trusses are fully constructed prior to shipment and, upon request, can be packaged based on site specifications, saving valuable time on installation.

Floor Trusses


Trussway floor trusses are designed for strength and flexibility, while saving you time, money and reducing jobsite errors.  They feature a larger nailing surface for added strength and are engineered using a unique open-web design that accommodates a variety of loading conditions, while accounting for mechanical ductwork, electrical and plumbing runs.  The result is fewer interior load-bearing walls, columns and beams.

floor trusses stacked

Wall Panels


Trussway prefabricated wall panels save time on the job site, reduce waste and increase the structural quality of your projects. When combined with our floor and roof trusses, as well as our window and door openings, they round out the complete Trussway Framing Package—to help ensure level floors and the proper load paths from roof to foundation.

construction site with framed walls

Components & Rough Openings


Our pre-assembled door and window openings and manufactured corners, tees and trimmers are the smart alternative to site-built components and made to your exact specifications. They outperform on-site wall panel construction in three important areas:  on-site labor savings and efficiencies, better material management with less waste, and more consistent quality control, size, and fitting.

truss components stacked for shipping

Beams & Hardware


To complement your Trussway order we can supply all of your wood beam, hanger and structural hardware needs as specified in your building plans, taking into account any unusual or special structural and mechanical requirements. Products are shipped in accordance with construction timelines and can be bundled by the building or the level.

close up of metal bracket