With the industry’s largest and most experienced team of domestic and international designers, Trussway works meticulously with builders every step of the way to ensure projects are designed and built correctly no matter how challenging; from our specialty–multi-family, to senior and student housing, light commercial and single-family construction.



As the leading and most respected multi-family truss manufacturer in the United States our industry-leading sales, design and production teams provide superior service from beginning to end with cutting-edge design solutions, high quality products and delivery when promised.

multi-family four story building

Senior Living


Trussway’s 50 years in multi-family construction makes us the ideal choice for senior housing. Our products are designed to maximize space, leading to more comfortable, open spaces for greater interaction and socialization.

swimming pool with palm trees and 3-story building

Student Housing


Project developers for some of the country’s finest colleges and universities trust the quality and time-tested durability of our products for student housing, helping ensure functionality and practicality, without compromising architectural integrity.

Light Commercial


Time is of the essence for builders of hotels, retail, offices and resturants. Trussway provides optimal solutions to keep projects moving quickly to maximize business’ revenue-generating potential.

modern business building with people walking and driving by