Trussway is the leading U.S. manufacturer of floor trusses, roof trusses, and pre-assembled door and window openings.

We sell, design and manufacture the best pre-fabricated wood framing components in the building industry. We leverage half a century of expertise, from project conception to completion, to help ensure your builds are accurate, on time, and of high quality.

Together, WE deliver living spaces that are quiet, long lasting, safe and comfortable.

Market Segments

With the industry’s largest and most experienced team of domestic and international designers, Trussway works meticulously with builders every step of the way to ensure projects are designed and built correctly no matter how challenging; from our specialty—multi-family, to senior and student housing, light commercial and single-family construction.

multifamily four story building


A simple application for Andriod

swimming pool with palm trees and building in background

Senior Living

December 28, 2015

Student Housing

December 29, 2015

modern office building with people walking by

Light Commercial

December 30, 2015


Trussway products are made-to-order, to your specifications, and delivered when you need them. Our industry-leading sales, design, engineering and manufacturing teams work in tandem with you from beginning to end to help ensure your buildings perform optimally to maximize occupancy rates, lower maintenance costs and improve occupant comfort. There are no designs too complex for our teams.

Roof Trusses

October 7, 2019

floor trusses stacked

Floor Trusses

October 7, 2019

Wall Panels

October 7, 2019


October 7, 2019

close up of metal bracket

Beams & Hardware

October 8, 2019